What We Do

How Do We TransformHow do we Transform and become our authentic selves?

With love and support at The Tierneys’ private home, a very safe and sacred space aptly named “The Tierneyverse,” we heal and grow as we move forward through the challenges and obstacles that lay in our path. Most importantly, we never give up!

Our journey along this path begins with sharing our stories in the safety of The Tierneyverse. We learn there are many layers of toxic energy that must be expressed and released. Unexpressed, it can eventually cause illness, and sometimes even death. This is to be taken very seriously.

The loving support from our weekend retreats help us to feel that what we say matters. In one exercise, John and Patty play the role of our parents, listening with loving support, as we find our voice expressing the anger, pain and shame we’ve stuffed and held onto for so many years. This process has allowed us to finally be seen and heard. We’ve made room for happiness, we feel lighter, and we walk with a bounce in our step.

In our retreats, we do self-reflective exercises to help stimulate growth, self-love, consciousness, and healing, helping us to feel good about ourselves. We begin to see clearly as we look back over our shoulder, allowing us to measure the healing and growth that has taken place within us. We begin to trust the process.

As we journey along this path we make it our intention to get out of our own way as we learn to stop resisting the change that wants to take place within us. We become willing to let go of who we have been so we may become who we were meant to be.

We move toward wholeness, giving ourselves permission to let go of parts of our personality that no longer serve us, replacing them with qualities that we love, admire, and respect. We create our best selves.

With so much love and gratitude, we receive the blessings of our new found happiness, joy, and freedom through the gift of Transformation!