Chakra Balancing

Silhouette of a man meditating with seven colorful chakras upon ocean by full moon dark nightThese meditations concentrate on the seven major chakras – there are several thousand in the body, but the major chakras are the seven which are in line with the spine, beginning at the tip of the tailbone, going to the crown of the head. The chakras are energy wheels and transformers, and each chakra has a color associated with it. As you’re visualizing these chakras, don’t get hung up on what color, you can use whatever color comes to you. The chakras transform the frequencies into different sensations, and are comprehensible through thought, emotion, and physical sensation. When the body is in deficit, this affects us in body, mind, and spirit. The chakras come into play to balance, transform, and energize. In general, the more evolved a person is, the more active the higher chakras become. Few people continuously have open and balanced chakras. Instead, the chakras vary in activity, depending on the awareness, and how blocked they are, through stress, or fear, or illness.

The first chakra is at the tip of the spine. Visualize it as a wheel of red energy. This is the chakra of basic survival, self-preservation, and animal instinct. Getting up in the morning, getting the day’s work done, completing what needs to be accomplished, and having the physical, emotional, and spiritual energy to get it done.

The second chakra is about two inches below the navel. Visualize it as a wheel of orange energy. This is the chakra of relationships, of sensuality, and sexuality. It’s getting along with other people on a friendship basis, and on a more intimate basis. A well-functioning second chakra means you’re comfortable with your sexuality, and can experience joy freely, and experience and express your emotional life.

The third chakra, or power center, is located at the solar plexus, the pit of your stomach. It’s the chakra of power and will, of understanding yourself and others psychologically. See it as a wheel of yellow energy.

The fourth chakra, or heart chakra, is in the center of your chest. Visualize it as a wheel of emerald green energy. That’s the chakra of love – love of self, love of community, romantic love. When it’s functioning properly, a person can freely give and accept love.

The fifth chakra is at the base of the throat, and is referred to as the throat chakra. Visualize it as a wheel of sky blue energy. That’s the center of expression, of creativity, and nurturance. When you want to express yourself more clearly, when you want to enhance your creativity, you focus on that chakra.

The sixth chakra is called the brow chakra, or Third Eye, and is located between the eyebrows. Visualize it as an indigo wheel of energy. This is where the sixth sense is found. It’s the seat of intuition, of paranormal abilities, and some people consider it an enhancement to psychic ability. These are the abilities beyond your five senses.

The crown chakra is at the top of your head. Visualize this seventh chakra as a white wheel of energy. This is the center of transcendent consciousness and enlightenment, and its function is to regulate intelligence and information processes. So that’s our “smart” chakra.

These are the seven chakras. They each have function, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The purpose of balancing your chakras is to center, balance, and give you a little more power.

It’s best to do these meditations first thing in the morning.

During the day, you can recharge by doing a mini-balancing, which is just visualizing the chakras very briefly.