About John

“As I neared my fiftieth birthday I began to realize that my life was based on a story I had assumed was true. I sought understanding as to why at such an early age, I was so angry and began to trust no one, especially authority figures. Not even my parents. I put up a wall of armor until with the help of therapists, Tantra teachers, and my amazing wife, Patty, I was able to finally take it down and I can trust now!”

John Tierney is an experienced spiritual healer of the abused. Whether the abuse was sexual, physical, emotional, or psychological, they become intertwined. He is himself a survivor, guiding others in healing the lifelong effects of all types of childhood abuse. He leads a team of specialists made up of survivors with lifetimes of experience recovering from various forms of abuse. They are all dedicated lifelong teachers and students of healing the effects of abuse through therapy, energy balancing and management, metaphysical and spiritual growth, Tantra, yoga, meditation, private sessions, group counseling, and workshops. He has attended, facilitated, developed, and produced over a hundred workshops, in various disciplines, from the East Coast to Maui.

Photo: Mary Lou Sandler