“They are an example of true happiness and they share that with others in a profound way that empowers them to be happy too.” – T

“Patty and John are caring and empathetic people whose wise counsel I so benefited from since I was exonerated by the federal courts and released after serving 26 years in prison due to a wrongful conviction. They have each helped me emotionally, and even gave me the first two suits I have owned since I was a teenager. I always marvel at their deep insights into the human heart and mind, and can wholeheartedly recommend them in any healing position which they may endeavor. They are each rare, loving, and brilliant souls, and I value my relationship with them immensely.” – B.L.

“I am so grateful, Patty and John, for the sharing of yourselves in the power, intimacy, and beauty that D and I experienced with you. What a gift you both are to us!” – G

“My experience with Patty and John was transformative! It offered me new energy and direction. It was a brilliant forum to speak my truth in the moment, be present and relaxed in a formerly uncomfortable realm and recognize my own power to embrace a more satisfying love life. Thank you, Patty and John, for all you provided me in your very important and valuable work.” – L.M.

“Patty and John have helped me completely transform my life. They helped me speak my truth, forgive, let go, accept, and rewrite the stories I had been telling myself. They helped me change the way I think, and find and embrace my power. They taught me all of the tools that I use today to feel good, love myself, and pass it on. They also helped me with my sex and love addiction, codependency, and intimacy issues. I can’t recommend their couples’ sessions enough and their intimacy groups changed my whole world. I don’t have to live in fear anymore and I can thank Patty and John for that.” – C.D.

“John Tierney is a brilliant, sensitive, caring man who has dedicated his life to assisting others in finding their personal healing. Having overcome his own challenges of abuse, John has committed to facilitating others in creating a life of contentment, forgiveness, and love. He does this with thoughtfulness, a sense of humor, and great compassion.” – M.S.

“The easiest thing to say was simply that the day was wonderful. A big part of what made it work was the environment. Your home/temple is such a beautiful sanctuary that is called forth spirituality and surrender from the moment we walked in. Even more important was the two of you. Your openness, good humor, groundedness and beautiful energy as you lovingly led the way made it so easy for us to trust. We were fascinated with the energetic exchange between the two of you. It’s amazing and miraculous that the world we experienced in The Tierneyverse can exist in the hustle and bustle of the ‘real world.’ No wonder so many people choose the much more blissful alternative.”
C & H

“Patty and John have been instrumental in supporting and improving my relationship with my husband in good and bad times. They have both helped us individually and as a couple with their incredible ways of listening, honing in on the issues, and using their years of wisdom and years of experience to guide, advise, and encourage better communication, intimacy, and sex. Just being around them you can feel their loving energy and true caring and compassion. They definitely helped us transform our marriage.” – S

“Before my partner and I came to Patty and John for help, our relationship was in trouble. I was ready to call it quits if we couldn’t find a way to communicate and get our sex life back on track. They showed us what it feels like to have someone really caring about our happiness. You both showed no judgment at all and were happy to share your own stories that helped us to feel we weren’t the only ones with these kinds of problems. So we felt safe and able to share deeply as we hadn’t done ever before. We’re both happy now!” – H & M

“Patty:You have taught me so much about learning to forgive and to re-love myself.  You have taught me how to come out of the other side. You have fought the hard battle, and you have this remarkable ability to see the beauty in EVERYTHING. YOU are SUCH a Mother Goddess and SUCH a Warrior for Goodness and Light!!! Your wisdom is absolutely bottomless and unfathomable in its positivity and ability to weed through the bullshit. You can hone in on what the true issue is, and really get people to focus on how to fix those, and how can I ever thank you enough? Every day I practice your lessons of self-love, and every day I thank you for being in my life.” – M.J.